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Yard repairs

Yard repairs: For merchant and offshore vessels at our jetties with support of our workshop.

In addition to the scaffolding there are lay-by facilities with sufficient crane capacity. 

A large area of ​​over 100,000 square meters for storage , construction , temporary offices and workshops.

We know ships inside out. And we always find a challenge in getting a maximum of result within a minimum of time. Following a quick and efficient estimate of the situation, we draw up a plan, combine the team of experts that suit your needs and meet you wherever you are serviced best. On your premises, in our own yard at Waalhaven or elsewhere in the Rotterdam harbour. And, if speed is your biggest challenge, our fl ying squads and service engineers will meet you on board your sea-going vessel or in any harbour around the globe. Working closely together with one aim: to get you back in operation.

We do not believe that strength is in numbers, we believe in the right amount. For every job we identify the skills that are pertinent for the problem and put up a dedicated team of properly qualified personnel. Large enough to perform the work within the time available. And small enough to be flexible and cost-efficient. Our own staff of experienced employees is well-equipped for the vast majority of every-day jobs. In addition, our world-wide network of specialists can help out wherever and whenever needed. Both in strength and in numbers. This makes us large enough to do any job we promise to do. At the price we agreed on and in a way that makes us proud.

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