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Heavy-lift and floating cranes

Heavy-lift and floating cranes: Up to 1400T.

With an extensive experience we provide equipment and management for the offshore industry, ports and construction companies. The company offers a wide range of cranes, such as lattice and telescopic crawler cranes, mobile port handling cranes and floating (marine) cranes. 

Our mission is to maintain its position as a prominent specialist for projects in horizontal and vertical transport. With experienced and skilled personnel, a sizeable fleet of cranes, a diversity of auxiliary equipment, long-term commitment and technical innovation the company is seen throughout the world as a strong organization in the integrated heavy lifting and transportation services. 

Our strategy to maintain and strengthen the market position is reached by delivering high quality and service to our customers needs, wherever and whenever. Quality and service are core company values. As a result, we are internationally known for our technical input and creative solutions. All products are designed and built in accordance with the international standards and certified by recognised authorities such as BV, Lloyd's, DNV, ABS, NMD and TüV.

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